Joshua Avram & His Cabinet of Curiosities was created in homage to the curiosity cabinets and wunderkammern of the 16th, 17th, and 18th centuries. These collections of naturalia and artificialia contained items chosen for their rarity, strangeness, opulence, workmanship, unusual properties, or metaphorical significance. Plant and animal specimens, insects, precious metals and gemstones, shells, fossils, religious and historical relics, ostrich eggs, bronze or ceramic figures, old coins, exotica–hundreds and thousands of these and other unusual objects were collected and displayed for the purposes of wonder and enlightenment.


As an online wunderkammer, aims to use words and pictures to inspire wonder and provoke thought, and to bring interesting books (fiction and non-fiction), creatures, plants, and people to the attention of its readers, with particular emphasis on the strange, obscure, and unjustly neglected.


Weird creatures and plants are a primary focus of the naturalia contained within Joshua Avram's Cabinet of Curiosities. Space is also given to in-depth reviews of non-fiction books on scientific subjects such as curiosity cabinets, the history of science, evolution, botany, biology, geology, astronomy, and more. Biographical accounts of botanists, plant hunters, natural historians, early explorers, travel writers, and various eccentrics are also featured.


The artificialia found in these pages include reviews of decadent literature, Gothic literature, strange fiction, and obscure novels; the etymologies of obscure words; and reviews of forgotten or little-known foreign and art-house films, graphic novels, and other works of art.