"When finally I reached the crater, it was terrible to behold. The whole area was lit up by fires, and the glowing sulphur and bitumen produced an intolerable vapor. It was just like hell, only lacking the demons to complete the picture."
Athanasius Kircher, Mundus subterraneus
On the eruption of Vesuvius in 1638


Though it is now too late to provide the polymathic Jesuit with his demons, Joshua Avram & His Cabinet of Curiosities would be well pleased to inspire in its readers the same awe, terror, wonder, and intellectual curiosity that made Kircher such a notable figure in the history of curiosity cabinets and divers other subjects. To bring attention to the phenomenon of wunderkammern is the overarching goal of this website, subsequent to which is the sincere desire to share with others the interest of its founder in old and new weird fiction and the discoveries and exploits of those who roamed the world in bygone eras—or simply collected and catalogued its plant and animal inhabitants. All who visit this site are welcome to peruse its pages of writings on everything from plant hunters and obscure literature to strange science fiction and arthouse films. And if you spy any demons in your passage, consider yourself lucky: Herr Kircher never had the pleasure.


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