"We can't all be lion tamers."
Peter O'Toole, Lawrence of Arabia


No cabinet of curiosities would be complete without a few mundane objects to provide contrast with the more wondrous works of art and nature. In addition to his film reviews and articles on rare and exotic plants, Joshua Avram has written features on more practical subjects, such as the employment- and industry-related articles listed here.


With feet like castles planted firmly in mid-air, Joshua Avram & His Cabinet of Curiosities presents, for the intellectual and visceral pleasure of its readers, a motley assortment of old and new weird literature, lovely pictures of seahorses and botanical clocks and two-headed mice, the hair-raising adventures of famous botanists and travel writers, and original reviews of interesting books on scientific and historical subjects such as paleobotany, piracy, and apocalypticism. Please visit Joshua Avram's Literary & Pictorial Log of Naturalia & Artificialia for more astonishing details.


Industrial Design

One might not achieve the success of Raymond Loewy, Victor Papanek, or Jonathan Ive, but a career in industrial design offers intriguing possibilities.


The Future of Employment in the Biofuels Industry

From cellulosic ethanol to algae-derived “crude oil,” alternative fuels are creating millions of jobs all around the world.


Film Industry Jobs are Turning Louisiana into “Hollywood South”

Bobby Long, Benjamin Button, George “W.” Bush: Louisiana-based film production is contributing millions of dollars to the post-Katrina economy.


The Growth of Urban Farming

Fed up with an unsafe, inefficient global food system, young urbanites are taking matters into their own hands.


The Uncertain Future of U.S. Automotive Employment

The Big Three’s failure to innovate has left them and the American auto worker in peril.


The Surprising Strength of Texas’ Manufacturing Sector

Greater productivity and manufacturing diversity have placed Texas at the forefront of U.S. manufacturing employment growth.


Aircraft Mechanics

A (very) short guide to a career in aircraft repair and maintenance.


Big Profits for the U.S. Staffing Industry

Projected to be the fastest-growing industry in the nation, temporary staffing is almost as recession-proof as working for a morgue or the IRS.


From Offshore to Your Living Room: The Quiet Migration of Call Center Jobs

As the downside of outsourcing becomes more apparent, companies look to increase employee job satisfaction and retention rates.


Be Like Barack: The Pros and Cons of a Career in Community Organizing

It may not be remunerative, as President Obama’s book Dreams from My Father makes clear, but community organizing offers its own set of benefits.


A Life in Horticulture

On the many specializations and occupations available to the aspiring horticulturalist.